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Supply Chain Risk & Resiliency Management

Multi-tier Visibility, Efficiency & Trust

Tada delivers a new breed of blockchain-enabled supply chain transformation solutions that address various needs of your supply chain from supplier network management, multi-modal orchestration and risk & resiliency management. At its core, Tada uses cognitive, IoT and blockchain technologies to provide unprecedented visibility, efficiency and reliability across your entire supply chain.

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N-tier Visibility

With Tada, you can set up a hyper-connected data network that allows different modalities of data-sharing between network members in a tier-aware manner risks. By enabling these information pathways, participants can share data with individual or multiple participants, as required, across multiple tiers. Tada also enables data to be recorded on a common blockchain ledger, which serves as the common data hub for verifiable, immutable data for the network.

Data-sharing rules can be encoded to ensure directed communications, security & privacy assurance and reduced information latency through automation. Tada also connects with multiple external and internal data sources to provide complete visibility into various sources of operational, geo-political, financial and other risks across the network.

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Multi-modal Track & Trace

Tada’s solution leverages IoT and blockchain technologies to enable you to track and trace in real or near-real-time, the multi-modal flow of physical goods, data from digitized documents and  financial transactions data throughout the supply chain. You can also detect and address various sources of risks including product mishandling, storage conditions, fraud, counterfeited parts, pilferage, lost or damaged goods, delays, inefficiencies and human errors and omissions.

Alerts and Notifications can be set up to detect and inform the right people of any exceptions or impending threats while an immutable, permanent audit trail of all data is recorded and verified on the blockchain.

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Security, Reliability & Trust

With Tada’s blockchain-enabled solution, all supply chain participants including deep-tier suppliers, can confidently share data required upstream or downstream, in a trusted manner via a decentralized, immutable, permissioned ledger. Further, Tada has designed a secure, privacy-driven data sharing network that enables network participants to share selective data, based on rules & parameters that enables “trusted, trackable and traceable data sharing in a controlled & auditable manner. You can consistently ensure that the right data is made available to the right entity or user, with the right permissions, at the right time for timely decisions.

Tada’s solution thus enables the instant, reliable and frictionless transmission of demand and supply signals  across the network with greatly minimized latency and loss, which in turn enables timely, intelligent decisions to manage risks better and improve overall supply chain resiliency.

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Network Efficiency & Governance

Blockchain provides smart contract capabilities to automate, monitor and manage key supplier agreements and contracts. For businesses dealing with sensitive or confidential information, meanwhile, a permissioned blockchain can limit data sharing to a need to know basis, with strict authentication requirements ensuring governance on how information is shared across the network. Self-executing, programmatic smart contracts ensure secure reliable, consistent execution of agreements and business rules to improve operational efficiency and eliminating human errors and other exceptions.

Smart contracts can also be deployed to automate and accelerate various actions required to address various supply chain risks. Last, but not the least, blockchain, with its immutable property, provides a tamper-proof audit trail for all the recorded data for compliance and stakeholder reporting. 

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