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Small-to-mid size enterprises need a robust and efficient IT infrastructure to manage their operations and support changing business conditions and growth strategy.

Our solutions help businesses to operate the way they think. It integrates business, people and data to enable better decisions and position businesses for growth. We offer pre-built apps that can be quickly deployed with minimal customization to minimize cost, reduce operational risk, improve agility and drive growth.

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Reduce Costs

Improve profitability and competitiveness and reduce total cost of ownership

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Build Resilience

Empower your business to proactively address risks and ensure smooth operation


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Drive Growth

Position your business to drive growth without compromising cost and quality

Accelerate your business with
Tada's Small & Mid-size Enterprises suite

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Distress Playbook

· 3-step agile, playbook to navigate uncertain environments
· Rooted in a connected systems approach
· Steady, transparent, and real-time information flow

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Supply Base Management

· Multi-tier network mapping/collab. for efficiency & agility
· Backorder analysis, inventory projections & lead time collab.
· Mitigate supply base capacity risks impacting production

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Extreme Customer Management

· Total customer portfolio management across all businesses
· Targeted high-impact opportunity funnel & activity
· Communicate and collaborate with customers

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Working Capital Optimization

· Manage liquidity using forward-looking projections & SOA
· Optimal inventory strategies to maximize cash flow
· Monitor business levers to improve working capital levels

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Digital Command Center

· Collaborative, proactive, risk management solution
· In-depth, actionable end to end visibility in one place
· Scenario analysis for live bottleneck mitigation

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Cost Reduction

· Advanced collaborative spend analytics capability
· Overall supplier deal book & line of sight
· Predict and avert future cost disruptions

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Mergers & Acquisition

· Manage a pipeline of targets through risk assessment
· Embedded financial analysis to estimate enterprise value
· Enable faster, collaborative decision making within teams

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Other Solutions

· Modular, plug-in type packaged solutions
· Enables a wide range of business capabilities
· Quickly deployed in a few days and weeks


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Results achieved using Tada


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“Single source of truth – culture is more collaborative.”

- Fortune 500 CPO

“This makes your business better in normal times, & more resilient in tough times.”

- CXO Manufacturing

“Leaders are using it & looking to enhance it to make day-to-day decisions.”

- Fortune 100 CPO

Cutting-edge Technology

Secure cognitive AI network technology connecting E2E supply chains in 3-4 wks.


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25 years of hands-on experience transforming complex global supply chains

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Extraordinary Thinking

End-to-end systems thinking in complex cross-functional environments

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Pre-engineered apps for end to end supply chain visibility

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Tada, is a leader in intelligent digital orchestration, transformation, and coordination. The code-free platform uses a patent-pending secure synaptic network technology to rapidly create, deploy, and manage Digital Duplicates™ (or twins) of complex ecosystems, business networks and processes. By starting with the digital DNA of the enterprise and coupling it with a company’s digital nervous system, Tada enables agile development of enterprise-wide intelligent, intuitive, and role-based applications that address business problems in real-time.


CGN Global is a management consulting firm with a reputation of producing significant ROI for their clients by way of developing and implementing strategic solutions. The team at CGN works to solve complex organizational issues including but not limited to supply chain optimization, logistics, sourcing, digital transformation, and more. CGN serves as Tada’s preferred execution partner, lending the unique combination of touch and technology to all Tada customers. Together, Tada and CGN Global not only introduce game changing solutions to their customers but ensure their execution and sustainability over time.

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