Cognitive Supply Chain Control Tower

End-to-end real-time visibility, collaboration and orchestration across your entire supply chain

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Tried digitizing your supply chains but still rely on manual processes?

Is your supply chain implementation becoming a multi-year project?

Is your supply chain suffering from a lack of visibility and collaboration?

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You're Not Alone.

A multi-tier supply chain solution that offers real-time visibility is the only way to provide collaboration, decision making and orchestration across your supply chain.

Tada's Technology Delivered:

Tada’s Cognitive Supply Chain Control Tower empowers supply chain leaders and decision-makers to execute meaningful predictive and prescriptive business decisions that deliver real results.
Expedites Reduction
POA Reduction
Prod. Improvement
Inventory Reduction

Control Tower

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Technology Components

Cutting-edge technology is the heart of our Supply Chain Control Tower. Our patented Digital Duplicate technology builds the Digital DNA of your business and creates a common language that connects your people, processes and partners. Smart contracts guarantee secure data transfers between OEMs and suppliers, and personalized portals restrict users to only see what they need to. Tada’s built-in AI modeling predicts changes and allows supply chain managers to make autonomous decisions.

Core Components

Starting with all structured, transactional, IOT and event data, our platform integrates your data to form the data fabric of your business. Then, we blend business processes and logic with analytical workflows, allowing users to make insight-based decisions immediately. Finally, we optimize your supply chain by giving you the ability to collaborate with your partners, suppliers, transportation and logistics, customers, dealers and distributors.

Functional Components

Real-Time Visibility – Get real-time visibility across your supply chain systems, partners, suppliers, contract manufacturers, and transportation carriers

Real-Time Workflow – Track the progress of items across your organization in real-time and escalate issues quickly for maximum compliance and performance

Real-Time Orchestration – Make the right decisions at the right time with the right amount of data


SC Buyer WB

Buyer Workbench

Know what you buy, when you buy it, and where it’s going. With one click, get reports on inventory and capacity, filtering demand by part, supplier, and facility. Track critical supply constraints and see short to long-term risk with n-tier suppliers. Our Buyer Workbench also gives you the ability to manage your 4M action plan and discover EDI discrepancies.

“I have a lot of ad-hoc meetings and need to be prepared in a hurry. In the past, that’s been difficult. With Tada, I can be prepared and more in-tune with what is happening across multiple business units.”
- Head of Supply Chain of a Fortune 100 Manufacturer

Planner Workbench

Expert planning takes expert tools. Collaborate efficiently with suppliers through actionable metrics on material plans, supplier compliance, expedites, past dues and MPoUs. Gain real-time visibility on network inventory across factories, warehouses, distribution centers, and suppliers. See in-transit parts in real-time, including ASN info, Trailer info and 3PL. Finally, leverage live alerts to drive process compliance, supplier corrective actions, approvals and escalations.

SC Planner WB
SC Executive WB

Supply Chain Exec

Get a bird’s eye view of your supply chain with our Executive Workbench. Manage workflows and approve any escalations, including supplier compliance, material shortages and invoice freezes.

Monitor your network inventory in real-time for each production facility, warehouse, and supplier. Manage performance and compliance KPIs through business reports with summarized metrics. Lastly, understand overall material risk and coverage based on network inventory, ASNs and supplier acknowledgments.

Why Choose Tada

Fastest Time for Deployment

Don’t wait months. Have a fully functional system operational in weeks.

No Code Architecture

Configure powerful visuals, reports, and navigation with just a point-and-click interface.

Data Fabric

Conquer data silos with integration from over 200 data sources on-site or in the cloud

Modular Multi-Vendor System

Tada’s Control Tower works seamlessly with other 3rd party supply chains and ERP software, so you can start small and grow at your own pace. From Excel to forms to APIs –we work with all options.

Ecosystems Collaboration

There’s something for everyone. Collaborate within your organization and externally across your ecosystem with our individualized portals for dealers, customers, and suppliers at every tier.

Cutting-Edge Tech

Our patented Digital Duplicate technology builds the Digital DNA of your business and creates a common language that connects your people, processes and partners for a faster collaborative system. Built-in AI modeling predicts changes so you can make autonomous decisions.

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