Mitigate Shortages On Semi-Conductor Chips

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How a shortage of semi conductor chips can impact Manufacturing
Global industrial manufacturing and automotive companies are facing huge shortages on semi-conductor chips, causing potential shut downs.
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5 reasons for the chip shortage

How Tada helps mitigate the chip shortage

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Immediate Actions for OEM's
Leverage our multi-tier framework to understand Part taxonomy, critical chips and their multi-tier suppliers
Monitor demand flow and coverage
Build capacity allocation model with suppliers
Interim actions for OEM's
Leverage Tada Supplier exchange network to identify additional sources for critical chips
Connect OEM and later Tier 1 supplier to the source to bridge supply gap
Repeat ensure supply is covered in short term
Long term planning
Control Tower - Establish digital control tower with aggregated demand, variability and flexibility needed across the nodes
Multi-tier assessment - Improve the visibility of their supply chain and Establish strategic buffers on critical parts at critical nodes across the supply chain
Develop roadmap and commercial framework needed to execute the roadmap to implement strategic buffers and other levers

More chip shortage info and facts

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Global Chip Shortage Infographic

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