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Leverage Tada's InsurTech solutions.

A holistic perspective

Driven by the use of technology and data, the insurance industry faces massive digital disruption in every part of its value chain. With the Tada platform, insurance businesses can visualize their entire business end to end. This holistic perspective provides the opportunity to make informed operational decisions from customer acquisition to accurate pricing for risk in real-time.


Innovate and engage your customers.

While new entrants seek to disrupt, carriers are uniquely positioned to delight their customers with fulfilling experiences. Combine data sources across your business systems including IoT and other external data to enhance risk-based pricing, customer acquisition effectiveness and operational productivity.

Brokers and Agencies

Combat online competitors.

Within manufacturing, there is constant pressure to increase efficiency and use the latest technologies to stay ahead of the game. With Tada, you can choose the applications that work for your business and integrate them to improve your current system without starting from scratch.

Reinsurers, TPAs and Others

Simplify your business operation.

Efficient workflows result in effective partnerships with insurance companies. Deliver powerful customizable insights and analytics for your customers, portfolio or book of business at every stage of the business process.

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Faster product innovation
The Internet of Things
Big Data & Analytics
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Customer Acquisition

Applications for Carriers, Brokers, and Agencies to optimize sales and marketing productivity, and producer operations.

Included Apps:
Lead Management

This application for insurers seeks to improve marketing spend effectiveness and lead productivity via lead distribution actions that yield better conversion by agents.

Distribution & Marketing Effectiveness

This application for a broker, agency, or insurer is used to optimize total cost of customer acquisition relative to expected revenue via decision support on products/carriers and lead management.

Agency / Producer Ops

This application for a broker, agency or an insurer’s captive sales function aids in workforce decisions to improve production and operational effectiveness via insights on sales activities and productivity at individual, team, or department level.

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Risk Management

Applications for Carriers, Underwriters, Reinsurers, and MGAs to price more accurately for risk and improve loss ratios.

Included Apps:
Acquisition Risk

This application for underwriters and product managers seeks to improve placement rates and pricing via insights on underwriting and decisioning risk attributes for in-force policyholders, declines, cancels, etc. stratified by risk tier/factor.

Portfolio Performance
This application is used to enable insurance company leaders to make strategic decisions on products and markets via insights on book of business KPIs, with ability to drill down into constituent products, customer types etc.
Claims & Losses Insights

This application provides underwriters, product managers and claims managers a comprehensive claims perspective with easily navigable views at policy/customer level or aggregated by product type, geography, customer type, loss type, etc.

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Product Management

Applications for Carriers and TPAs to optimize product and pricing, and serve customers better.

Included Apps:
Product Performance
This application provides underwriters and product managers with deep insights on performance measures such as lapse rates, claims/loss ratios, pricing adequacy, or NPV of an aggregate of policies by product and cohort.


Policy Insights

This application for underwriters and product managers provides all policy details at their fingertips, with easily navigable views at the individual level or aggregated across various parameters such as product type, geography, customer type, etc.

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Customer Experience

Applications for Carriers and TPAs to better engage and retain customers.

Included Apps:
Customer 360
This is a customer-centric application that gives a company the full view of a customer across all interactions, as well as insights across aggregates of customers such as process response times.
Customer Retention
This application for insurance company leaders is used to develop insights on attrition at various periods of the customer lifecycle such as free-look or commission-reversal period, renewal or cross-sell, as well as the odds of attrition based on a predictive model score.

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