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Challenges in the Automotive Industry

In terms of critical parts shortages, supplier capacity, fragmented marketplace, stringent pollution regulations, significant shift in customer expectations and buying methods. Some of the proven, tested methods and business models that the industry utilized for decades are being considered outdated and not applicable anymore. For of the examples are Just in time, Offshoring towards low cost producers, modular integration vs vertical integration of manufacturing and supply base. The time and opportunity is ripe for disruption in the way information is gathered, analyzed and shared across the enterprise and value chain.

  • Insightful Analytics
    Understanding customer behavior, changes in demand and regulatory restrictions, then translating them into competitive strategies, market intelligence and effective business plans into insightful analytics and visual management.

  • Seamless Data Capture

    As a platform that is seamless from data capture, data management, analytics and dash-boarding, while being asynchronous to systems it can connect to and orchestrate data flow, Tada is the choice for single source of truth and real time decision of support insights.

  • A Solution for Everything
    The various solutions that Tada has developed and is being utilized across various industries to provide collaboration across multiple levels of suppliers, predicting risks in supply, manage KPIs, effectively run operations and dealerships.


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Supplier Collaboration

Our Multi-Tier Supply Chain application enables OEMs, Tier 1, Tier2, Tier3,,, and TierN suppliers seamless communication and collaboration through visibility of synchronized demand, real time monitoring node to node product movement, confirmation of capacity constraint along with continuous supply risk assessment.

Our application provides asynchronous connectivity to various systems across the supply chain ecosystem without the burden of IT integration.  This ease of connectivity enables us to weave your ecosystem together within weeks, not months and without significant resource requirements or capital investment.

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Automotive supply chains span across multiple continents and several tiers. Tada’s Demand Navigator solution has a single flow of information and the intelligence built in to eliminate the bull whip effect across the various tiers.

This enables suppliers to plan the right qualities to be manufactured and communicated to their suppliers in turn, eliminating overstocking, obsolescence and removes several bottlenecks in the supply chain across the various tiers.

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Automotive purchase model is mostly in-person test, try and buy. Dealerships (brick and mortar as well as virtual) are the primary touchpoint for OEMS to connect with Customers. Customer experience while researching, purchasing a product, as well as having it serviced are critical for the growth and sustainability of OEMs.
Tada’s dealer systems provide complete suit of capabilities for Dealerships from financial analysis, Optimized purchasing decision intelligence, predictive analytics for maintenance/repair, Cycle time optimization for service operations and market share, territory coverage and growth support.

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Supply Chain Command Center
A solution to help organizations have visibility across the entirety of their value chain.

Material Cost Reduction
An AI driven network technology is helping companies accelerate their direct materials cost reduction.

Multi-tier Collaboration
Helping your supply chain become disruption-proof, and understanding risk by increasing visibility across the entirety of your value chain.

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