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Tada constructs a Digital Duplicate of your healthcare system’s data to create one source of truth for all your organization’s key information. The Digital Duplicate is simply a logical model of your organization’s data – identifying the key data and the relationships between the data, e.g. Visit-Patient, Visit-Physician, Patient-Payor, etc. Once this model is in place, the TADA platform simply navigates the relationships of the data to access and present results of your analysis.  The Digital Duplicate is not a data warehouse or data store. The TADA platform does not require a data warehouse or specific data stores to be created.  The platform will access your organization’s data warehouse or data stores if that is your method of managing data for reporting.


CEO Overview:
Revenue, Profit, Length of Stay, Readmissions and Facility Management

Analysis of KPI’s:

Average Length of Stay: The average length of stay in hospitals (ALOS) is often used as an indicator of efficiency. All other things being equal, a shorter stay will reduce the cost per discharge and shift care from inpatient to less expensive post-acute settings. The ALOS refers to the average number of days that patients spend in hospital.

Readmissions: A hospital readmission is an episode when a patient who had been discharged from a hospital is admitted again within a specified time interval. Readmission rates have increasingly been used as an outcome measure in health services research and as a quality benchmark for health systems.

Denials: Denial of a claim is the refusal of an insurance company or carrier to honor a request by an individual, or his or her provider, to pay for a health care services obtained from a health care professional. This is a key indicator in efficiency in the claims management revenue cycle.



CEO Navigation Use Case Walkthrough

These views show the year-to-date Revenue/Profit, Facility Locations, Readmits, Length of Stay metrics for five hospitals.
  • Revenue/Profit tells us Actual Payments compared to Expected Payments and Profit (net).
  • Facility Locations is a map of the hospital system region and locations.
  • Length of Stay shows/tells us Target LOS for each hospital and the Geometric Mean and the Actual LOS.
  • Readmits tells us the total Readmits for each hospital verses the bold goal target of zero.



If we click on the LOS chart for Kennedy, we see Avg LOS by Month, Readmits by Month, Average Patient Satisfaction by Month, and Monthly Cost and Revenue for the Kennedy hospital

  • Avg LOS by Month shows/tells us the LOS trend verses target
  • Readmits by Month shows/tells us the Readmission trend
  • Average Patient Satisfaction by Month shows/tells us the Patient Satisfaction score
  • Monthly Cost and Revenue shows/tells us the financial results trend




Looking at the LOS chart, the trajectory of the line tells us that LOS is gently rising over the year. We see that September is an abnormal month. If we click on September for Kennedy Hospital, we see:

  • Top Five Highest LOS by clinical area
  • The detailed data that supports the Top Five Highest LOS analysis – any column can be sorted or filtered or the field can be accessed for additional analysis

Looking at the Five Highest LOS by clinical area, we see that Newborn and Neonates are the highest.

  • If we hover over the Neonates charts, we see the supporting detail

If we click on Neonatal, we see these charts

  • Top Five Highest LOS by Physician shows/tells us the physicians with the highest Actual LOS vs. the Goal and Geometric Mean in September for Neonates
  • Top Five Highest LOS by Disease Related Groups (DRGs) shows/tells what might be driving the Sept Neonates ALOS
  • Again, the supporting detail is shown at the bottom of the screen
We see that these doctors have patients that have driven the Neonatal LOS and specifically, these Disease Related Groups (DRGs) are related to the patients of the doctors presented. The CEO decides to send this information to the Neonates Medical Director asking him/her to initiate case reviews to determine root cause and appropriate corrective actions and/or appropriate patient follow ups. There are two options to send the information:
  • Create a PDF from the TADA platform and send the PDF in an email or
  • If the Neonates Clinical Director is logged into the TADA platform, the CEO can send the information to him/her via an instant message.


CFO Overview

A CFO will be concerned with claims management. For hospitals and physician practices to ensure that their claims are paid, they must first understand how the different components of claims management affect reimbursement.




CMO Overview

This perspective gets an overview of LOS at different levels. This launches navigation for multiple different pathways in LOS analysis.





COO Overview

This perspective gets starts the navigation path of Readmission analysis. Readmission rates have increasingly been used as an outcome measure in health services research and as a quality benchmark for health systems.



This perspective monitors the Service Lines within the healthcare system. This aids the process of analyzing performance drivers for a specific healthcare service line to benchmark areas of high and low potential within a market.

Population Health Management Overview

Tada’s Healthcare Digital Duplicate can also help to track population health in your system’s region. This regional analysis is the aggregation of patient data across multiple health information technology resources. The analysis drives actions through which care providers can improve both clinical and financial outcomes.



Tada can also connect to CDC information, such as seasonal flu activity surveillance. This helps monitor critical trends in your health system’s region. This helps your system with staffing concerns and overall risk mitigation for the flu and other viruses.

It is also important to monitor particular flu virus strains to help your system be better prepared.



Tada has also engaged in help mitigating and monitoring the opioid crises. This type of analysis can be applied to other areas of interest as well.


County Population Health Overview


Senior Care

Tada’s patented technology

Tada’s patented technology connects your EHR, time and attendance, and financial and other systems in a virtual replica of your operations. On this data fabric is built the operational intelligence of your communities. A granular cost to serve model connects employee hours, resident census and labor costs to recommend staffing for the next 7 days on a total and per patient day basis. This allows a decision maker like a Director of Nursing to determine the mix of staff and hours by facility to meet your targets at optimal quality. Optimizing employee productivity and labor costs is key to achieving your targets in the current Covid environment.


Direct Care Hours/PPD - Rolling 7 Days

Provides visibility into the direct care hours and hours goal on a total and per patient day basis for the past 7 days


Direct Care Hours & Dollars by Day

Illustrates the budgeted direct care hours, actual hours, recommended hours, budgeted dollars and actual dollars for the past 30 days.


Direct Care Hours PPD by Day

Illustrates the budgeted direct care hours, actual hours, recommended hours on a per patient day basis along with the number of residents for the past 30 days.


Direct Care Dollars PPD by Day

Illustrates the budgeted direct care dollars, actual dollars on a per patient day basis along with the number of residents for the past 30 days.


Direct Care Dollars by Earning Code

Provides a breakdown of the direct care dollars by earning code/type of shift

Screen Shot 2020-11-09 at 5.54.26 PM


Revenue Variance by Month

Illustrates the total actual revenue generated vs target revenue budgeted by month


Revenue Forecast - Current & Next Month

Illustrates the actual revenue, budgeted revenue and forecast revenue by month



Revenue Distribution by Payer Type – YTD

Provides visibility into the year to date total revenue distribution by payer type



AR Distribution by Age

Provides visibility into the last 6 months total Accounts Receivable distribution by age due

Aging Trend of Receivables

Provides visibility into the total Accounts Receivable by age group buckets





Receivables by Payer Type - End of Prior Month

Provides visibility into the total Accounts Receivable at end of prior month by payer type



Budgeted Hours by Department

Provides visibility into the total budget hours and overage incurred by department for the past 7 days and recommended hours for the next 7 days



Hours & Dollars % to Goal by Day

Provides visibility to the % to hours goal, % to dollar goal, total hours and dollars by day

Cost Center - Department Hours by Day

Provides visibility into the total cost center hours and hours goal per day by department






Medical Network

The Business

Multi-site, multi-provider O&P business with devices built and fitted onsite

Pain Points Addressed:
  • Reducing the cycle time from Referral through Service delivery
  • Revenue realization
  • Sales and volume growth

Facets of Business connected
via a Digital Duplicate:

Patients, Referring Physicians, Payer, Site of Service, Practitioners (O&P providers), O&P devices, Referral, Authorization, Work in Process, Visit, Billing, Payment, Revenue, Marketing Events

Perspectives to view Business:

Office, Region, Practitioner, Patient, Referring Physician, Supplier, Marketing Event

Key Apps & Business Use Cases:

  • Operational Performance
  • Revenue Management
  • Cost to Serve Patient
  • Marketing & Referral Management

Inpatient & Outpatient Case Studies



Digital Duplicate of a Patient Care Eco System:

Key Business Elements:
  • Patient
  • Physician
  • Rx
  • Clinic
  • Device Type
  • Date of Service
  • Billing Date
  • Payment Date



Actionable Business Intelligence:
Revenue Insights

Clinics Network


Daily Revenue Trend - Last 30 days



YTD Revenue vs. Target



Cumulative Monthly Trend


Cumulative Monthly Trend


Actionable Business Intelligence/Insights:
RCM (Revenue Cycle Management)

Admin WIP - RX Backlogs


Monthly Trend - Financial WIP


Monthly Trend - Admin WIP - RX Backlogs

Actionable Business Intelligence/Insights:
Marketing Insights - Referrals Management

New Referrals this Year


Dropped Referral from last Year


Revenue Opportunity through Referral


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