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Prepare your supply chain to deal with chip shortages.

Solutions for Automotive, Industrial and Medical Equipment Manufacturers

Why Choose Us?

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Our Story

Tada isn’t just an anagram for data. We’re an intelligent digital platform that is changing the game for complex businesses.

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The Vision

We unleash the magic of data to empower businesses, their people, and the ecosystems in which they exist.

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Patented Technology

Having a Digital Duplicate® of your entire operation allows you to view your organization from any perspective and access our suite of purpose-built apps.


Stay ahead in an ever-changing environment.

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Improve productivity at lower operating costs.

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Better outcomes must start with better input.

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Health Care Providers

Supply Chain Risk & Resiliency Management.

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Staying ahead in an ever-changing industry.

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Staying ahead in an ever-changing industry.

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Small-Med Enterprises

Staying ahead in an ever-changing industry.


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Chip Shortages are Here to Stay - Be Ready to Respond


What do data scientists think about?

What we're hearing about Tada

"I have a lot of ad-hoc meetings and need to be prepared in a hurry. In the past, that's been difficult. With Tada, I can be prepared and more in-tune with what is happening across multiple business units." Drew Parker, CEO
“SC360 is extremely valuable in providing laser focus to meet machine build. We can’t wait to get all products on the platform” Client Factory Manager
“The availability of results to drive accountability for teams and set appropriate direction of our business.”


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